The Swedish Navigator Society

The Swedish Navigator Society office is located in Göteborg, with our members living in different parts of the country. Since 2017 we have a new launch focusing on students and young adults.  Apart from that we mainly interact as a network, where we support one another, and people around, to reflect upon life issues and to get to know Jesus Christ and live out the values of God’s kingdom.

Our activities are to create meeting places where meaningful and safe dialogues on life and faith issues become possible. Characteristic of our ministry are opportunities for dialogue and reflection, with the Bible as a source for input and guidance. Examples of activities are thematic evenings, conversations in groups and thematic weekends.

One tool we are using is The Bookshelf & Magnifying Glass – a method for personal conversations in groups, talking about life and faith based on everyday experiences and the Bible. You can find a leader’s guide for the method available on the website. It is free to download, but if you have the possibility to support the development of the material we would be thankful to have your contribution. Information for international payment, see below! Payment within Sweden, se end of page.

Our history in Sweden covers more than 60 years. Quite some time has passed since the start in 1956 and quite some changes have taken place in how we work.  In 2019 we ”rewrote our history”, which means we revised an earlier version and extended it to better describe changes in both experiences, thinking and working. Our history is up to now only presented in Swedish.

If you are interested in getting in touch with us, please contact us by e-mail: